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Pickling is a critical procedure of production process in hot strip pickling. The acid lotion to wash up strip surface to generate chemical reaction and physical impact to scale off from the strip surface, after that the ideal steel surface is done to facilitate the subsequent processing of strip.
Process Flow
The continuous pickling line is divided into 3 segments according to the working property:
Entrance: feeding, unwinding, strip surface oxidized scale crushing, correction, cut head, tail, neat welding;
Pickling section: pickling, cold washing and drying;
The exit section: shear oil coiling (rolling).
Basic parameters of pickling plate
Acid regeneration line
XinYu company has two regenerated acid production line, the set of waste acid regeneration system in the treatment of waste acid more than 7000 cubic meters, so that waste acid recovery rate of 99%; effective control of industrial wastewater emissions in configuration of wastewater treatment system, to protect the surrounding environment. Allocation of pollution control system, effective control: waste gas emissions, waste, waste emissions, noise pollution. At the same time configuration of circulating water treatment station, do industrial waste water does not drain, recycling, in energy saving and also protects the surrounding environment quality, protect the surrounding people's health.