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Jiangsu reduce 1.5 million tons of steel production,Elimina

Yesterday, Jiangsu Province Economic and Information Technology Commission delegate task to 13 provincial municipality to break down the implementation of the excess capacity in this year's resolve and backward production capacity of low-end, which covers 13 areas of industry, involving 93 industrial enterprises.
In accordance with national requirements, Jiangsu has been completed in advance of the national decomposition of the “twelfth five year” surplus and backward low-end capacity to resolve the elimination task, the tasks assigned to the city this year, is made according to the Jiangsu province's industrial transformation requirements, improve technology, safety, environmental protection standards.
The elimination of the ship industry is more urgent, although Jiangsu is the country's biggest ship industry province, there are still a lot of small and medium-sized shipyard, which have been eliminated after recent years of market competition.
Under the premise of government guidance and enterprises voluntary, 22 small shipyard in Nantong, Yangzhou, Taizhou will be eliminated 2.6 million tons of capacity of shipbuilding this year. In addition to Jiangsu Daoda Marine Heavy Industry eliminate 0.8 million tons of capacity, other shipyard capacity are eliminated in 80 thousand tons.
According to the requirements, to resolve the excess capacity, eliminate backward production capacity of the target task is going to be completed by the end of November this year, including demolition equipment at the end of the September.