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Tangshan carry out environmental protection special governan

On July 2nd, in Tangshan Environmental Protection Green Development -- Environmental Protection Special Action Mobilization meeting, the government put forward: to further improve the city's ecological environment quality, Tangshan City decided to carry out environmental protection special rectification action in the city from today to the end of the year.
The environmental protection special action governance mainly includes the key enterprises pollution governance, coal-burning pollution control, dust pollution, non-point source pollution control, shutting down polluting enterprises, and drinking water pollution control six governance action, in a total of 38 items with 3388 single task of governance.
1. Management of coal raw materials.
Reduce the use of coal.
Control the coal boiler.
Governance of low-quality coal.
2. Strict enterprises emission standards, surrounding urban pollution control. Promote pollution control in key industries.
3. Strengthen the fine management, integrated pollution control
4. Strengthen water pollution control, improve the water environment quality.
Carry out environmental remediation of drinking water reservoir area.
Update the part of the old district water supply pipe network. 
Dismantle the illegal projects to protect the drinking water source protection areas.