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SGS certification test in XinYu

Xinyu color coated plate Co., Ltd. subordinate enterprises Haoyu century import and Export Co., Ltd. carry out the SGS testing on June 23th in Xinyu. This test lasts three days, after testing is issued SGS certification. SGS certification is carry out to prove Xinyu color plate Co., Ltd. products, processes, systems or services meet the domestic and international standards and regulations or customer defined standards. It will help Xinyu products sell out of the country, and explore the overseas market.

SGS is a comprehensive inspection agencies for various physical, chemical, and metallurgical analysis, including the destructive and non- destructive testing, provide a set of complete quantity and quality inspection and related technical services to the client, provide pre shipment inspection services, to provide all kinds of international trade and related commodities such as technology, transport, warehousing and other aspects of the service, supervision with the purchase and sale, trade, raw materials, industrial equipment, consumer goods migration associated with all or any part of the business operation process.
Departments within the SGS is established in accordance with the classification of goods: the Ministry of agriculture, mineral chemical and Metallurgical Services Department, non-destructive test department, Ministry of national government contract service, transportation and warehouse department, industrial engineering products Service Department, risk and Insurance Services Department.