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"Iron and steel industry restructuring and development acti

Ministry of industry insiders revealed that after three months of summarizing, revising and improving, the restructuring of the steel industry development plan of action (2015-2017) "has been finalized, and is about to enter the final review stage, is expected to in July issued. It is worth noting that the release of the action plan for the draft of the first draft of the plan was adjusted.
According to the Ministry of industry and Information Ministry of industrial raw materials our deputy director Luo Tiejun, introduced on March 28, the restructuring of the “Steel industry development plan of action (2015-2017)” (hereinafter referred to as the “action plan”) first draft formulation of objectives mainly related to excess capacity, the integration of the two, mergers and acquisitions and other aspects, for after three years of hard work compression 80 million tons of steel production capacity, to ease the problem of excess production capacity; buildup 2~3 intelligent demonstration plant, enhance the level of integration of the two industries. At the same time promote the industry mergers and acquisitions, iron and steel enterprises in the number of control in 300, the total energy consumption to achieve zero growth, the total pollutant emissions decreased.
It is reported that early in February 5, 2015, Ministry of industry in the 2014 years operation of the steel industry and 2015 outlook "is put forward, in order to promote the steel industry from large to strong, 2015 work letter department issued the restructuring of the steel industry development plan of action", and further promote the implementation of the relevant supporting policies and measures.