Cold-roiling Production Line
The raw material for making cold rolled plate is hot-rolled steel roll after pickling iron oxide. Cold-roll plate is make in a progress through cold rolling mill with multi-step rolling to deformation, after a series electro-cleaning, annealing and finishing work, created a cold-roll plate.
1. The main rolling mill, uncoiled and coiler adopts full digital DC speed regulating, SCR power supply.
2. Automatic control of computer thickness (AGC) with full hydraulic pressure.
3. The rolling mill has multiple control means, and can effectively guarantee the control of thick difference.
4. Unwinding machine with automatic function of CPC. Volume machine automatic volume (EPC) accurate parking, lap number memory, with the tail automatically slow parking.
5. Quickly change work roller and middle roller.
6. The electrical system of the rolling mill has the system of overload protection, the protection of the broken belt and the emergency stop, etc. The main engine and the coiling machine have the automatic deceleration, the accurate parking function, the memory function of the ring.
7. Rolling mill speed control; uncoiling, coiler speed/tension control, digital display.
8. Rolling line elevation automatic, rapid adjustment.
9. Rolling mill bearing oil mist lubrication.
10. The production process chain and fault alarm using PLC programmable control, realize the production process automation.
11. Set of the process parameters of the presetting, process parameters and equipment key parameters of the detection, display and alarm system. Automatic fault diagnosis, alarm and fault auto protection.